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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

4 Rules for Selling a Home With a Pet

If you’re selling your home and you have pets, following these four steps will ensure that they don’t harm the sale.

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If you’re selling your home and you have pets, you have to prepare for the market a little bit differently. Here are four essential steps you can take so that your home sale goes off without a hitch: 1. Remove any pets from the home during any showings. Having a dog that’s upset and lurking around, for example, while a buyer is walking through the house represents a huge liability if worse comes to worse and that dog decides to bite that buyer. In fact, your insurance company might not even cover that. Even if they’re inside a crate or otherwise restrained, a pet’s presence alone can be distracting to buyers. 2. Prepare your backyard. Because I have two dogs myself, you and I both know that the backyard can turn into a landmine area for pet owners. To make this area look presentable, pick up any droppings and repair any spots that have been dug up or torn out. If you see any discoloration, try and lay down some new sod if you can. And, of course, keep your pets out of this area during any showings. 3. Eliminate any odors. Odors can be a real estate deal-killer, and pet odors are very strong in particular. You might not notice it, but if someone like your Realtor mentions that they can smell pet odor, have your carpet steamed and cleaned and replace any bedding or specialized pillows. Do your best to neutralize this smell, because it can affect not only the saleability of your home but also the value you ultimately get for the sale price. 4. Get rid of any pet hair. If your dog is an excessive shedder, do your best to brush them outside and give them frequent baths. If a buyer has allergies, any kind of dander can cause those to flare up, which can send them running out the door. Also, your home won’t look well-kept if every area of it is coated in pet hair.

    You might not realize your home has a pet odor, but others will.

Following these steps will greatly improve your home’s saleability. If you have any more questions about this topic, feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to talk with you!